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How eNewsletters can boost your fundraising efforts

Much has been written about how launching eNewsletters can boost your marketing efforts without draining your budget. Email newsletter gurus say they are one of the strongest ways to connect with and engage your audience, positioning you as a leader in your field.

Nothing says it better than a case study, however. Recently, a nonprofit organization in Kansas City realized the rewards of eNewsletter campaigns.

SAVE Inc., an agency that offers comprehensive housing solutions to empower those living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, launched its inaugural eNewsletter, SAVE Ink, in August. SAVE Ink includes a monthly feature called “Around the House,” in which the agency asks for inexpensive household items that people can simply pick up at the grocery story and mail to SAVE Inc. Clients coming into SAVE Inc. programs often need these simple essentials, and it is an option that allows people to donate without getting their checkbooks out.

The agency asked supporters to donate a toothbrush or tube of toothpaste, expecting to receive 15 to 20 items. However, thanks to a supporter who read about SAVE’s request in the newsletter and spearheaded an effort to have all those attending a fundraising movie night bring one or two items, the agency actually received more than 200 miscellaneous toiletries.

Staff members are elated to receive such a generous donation and say the combination of the eNewsletter donation request along with the supporter’s forward thinking did in one night what would have taken several weeks to generate.